Here’s what Mike Lantz had to say on this offer…. 

Martin has managed to put together a Facebook product that is BRAND NEW. No one has EVER seen anything like this before, because he literally invented it…

If you want to use Facebook right, and get more fans then ever before, you are going to love the “Like Vault”.

(Martin is getting ready to this into a monthly membership, but for this WSO, you get it ALL for a one-time price.)

Will you make money with this? YES! See the comment below:

Originally Posted by Tuddy 

Great stuff Martin. I was like a little kid with a whole bunch of new toys when I got your package. I started setting up to show them off to my clients.

I have now just sold two packages to be installed tomorrow morning. So

easy to edit this is some of the easiest money I have made this week. All

ready collected 500 cash on that sale and for about 1 hours editing work

I would have to say… Great Job as always… Keep them coming Martin. 


Sincerely Enjoy life,

Dan & Cynthia Hornburg

“OUTSMART, OUTGUN & OUTLAST Your Competition!”

Introducing: The Like Vault

The Like Vault is an animated content locker/reveal tab for use in Fan Pages. It operates using cutting-edge in-page Like button programming that immediately ANIMATES a content reveal and registers a users like for your page. When they come back it automatically knows they have already liked and displays the content. What you have here is only the tip of the iceberg. And why is that?

I am throwing in FREE membership to the Like Vault membership site as well!

Check this showcase video that shows the Like Vault in action

Here’s exactly what you get

  • 4 variations/skins of the Like Vault script
  • Reveal content live in your page without a reload. Enhance your visitors experience and make a lasting impressions “hey, did you see that cool fan page with the sweet Like effect?”
  • Trigger an avalanche of viral growth as people like your page to get at the quality content hidden within the Like Vault.
  • License to use Like Vault for all of your fan pages and also, offline client fan pages
  • Free technical support
  • Full video tutorials on how to set it up and make changes
  • No need to edit any graphics. Only a few tiny changes to make for this to work
  • and now possibly the best part……..access to the Like Vault membership site

In the Like Vault membership site you get:

  • Facebook download area (where you download the like Vault sciprt) plus other items I will be adding in the coming months
  • Tutorial video section. All the tutorial videos are online and ready to go. Again, I will add more faceobok tutorials to this section….and you will get the for free!
  • Facebook resources section. Ever wonder where to find all those URL’s tutorials, guides, downloads, tools and offers that you need for Facebook? Well your search is over. I have them all here for you already!
  • Facebook Forum which acts as my technical support method but also provides a unique chance to ask me, directly, to make the tutorial videos you want. Yes, I am serious. You ask a question and request a tutorial video on how to do it…..and I will schedule time to do it and make it for you FOR FREE. You will not get access to this kind of support anywhere else.
  • Plus lots more to be added soon…..and you are in at the ground floor with FREE access. I will probably make this a WSO offering later so get in on it now while you can for ZERO extra cost. Action takers always come out on top, trust me :-)

Don’t waste your time with boring FBML style ‘reveal’ tabs….push the boundaries and join the iFrame Facebook revolution with Like Vault. Why bother searching for bug fixes and trying to decipher the Facebook developer forum – just ask me to make you a video explaining it!

This should really be 2 seperate products but I wanted to push the envelope in terms of over-delivery, quality and customer service. 

P.S. I will be here to completely and fully support you and help with any questions you may have! There’s nothing for you to fear, you can post any questions in the private access forum and request specific tutorial videos. Click below on the Buy Now button and get your copy of Like Vault right now, before the price goes up or it’s GONE FOREVER!


[YES] Personal Use Rights

[YES] Use this on your own Fan Pages and Client Pages

[NO] Everything else

NOTE: For your information, your download and tutorial files are INSIDE THE MEMBERSHIP SITE.